Find out what our clients and colleagues have to say about us:

Igor was always available for us when we needed his services. Our customers were well taken care of and handled with tact and respect.

Jeff Polo

Igor was instrumental in arranging financing for many of my clients. He was professional, personable and was expert at making things work for my clients. I definitely recommend Igor for your financing requirements.

Flemming Villadsen

Ivan helped me refinance my variable mortgage twice (2010&2011). As a result I save 40% on mortgage interest!

Alexander Kalitin

Ivan is an expert mortgage professional, with excellent communication skills, providing outstanding value for the service. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking creative professional advice in mortgage financing.

Mikhail Makarov

Igor is a genuine and trustworthy individual who is fully proficient in Leasing and Financing fields and who is always willing make en extra step to deliver the best result possible.

Max Sidorik

Ivan helped me with getting my first mortgage. I enjoyed working with Ivan as he considered all my requirements, took initiative in communication and got perfect results for me.

Inesa Fain

Igor is a very client-oriented mortgage specialist who proves grate service in finding the right financial solution, helps to build healthy credit history. I saw his job in the time of my Open Houses. I would strictly recommend his service not only to first time buyers but also to experienced real estate investors.

Mike (Mikhail) Skvortsov

I worked in AutoleaseBC on a consultant basis in their accounting department. I have known and worked with Igor for 3 years. Igor is so detailed,organized and confidential with his client’s file. He work in both ways, i.e., he makes sure that he follows the requirement of the bank or leasing companies for example lien search, credit search, etc. as well as helping each applicant approve for financing. He is a hardworking person and enjoy with his job on the financing environment.

Ray Almario

Igor is an extremely intelligent and focused individual when it comes to his clients. His wisdom has not only broadened my outlook on my investments, but has created more opportunity to achieve a much better portfolio resulting in maximum financial gain. Igor truly fantastic at what he does and no one provides a better customer service. In my twenty five years of investing, I have not met anyone that comes close to Igor!

Sam Hariri

Ivan went over and above the call of duty to ensure I got the best deal and the one that suited my needs. He spent however much time was required for me to understand the decisions at hand. He provided thoughtful recommendations to me and I am happy with the result. Ivan puts the interests of his clients first and understands what it takes to build a reputation and a strong long-term business.

David Gens

I do not often have an opportunity to work with Lending Experts, thus I found that collaborating with Igor was a fantastic experience. The zest, the energy, the willingness that Igor showed to achieve the best results for his clients, were simply impressive. Igor is a person you want to have on your side when you are negotiating with anyone about anything because he will do everything he can (and more) to get you the best he can. Truly a client-centered experience. I will certainly be giving Igor a call when my own mortgage comes due for renewal.

Alexei Schwartzman

Igor Mironyuk is a sharpest and most knowledgeable, energetic and professional Leasing and Finance Manager I have been working with.
At Autolease BC he was responsible for:
– selling financial and insurance programs (extended warranties, financing and credit life, accident and health insurance plans) to new and used vehicle customers
– managing all rate quotations, insurance fees and financing
– obtaining approval on financing from the banks and financial companies
– preparing appropriate delivery and submission paperwork for outside sources
– verifying all documents for correct titles, taxes and lien information
– responding to post-delivery customer inquiries such as warranty and loan payouts
– dealing with company and manufacturer policies, directives and procedures
I would recommend him for any role he would feel qualified.

Dmitri Kashtan

When others didn’t do what they said they were going to do, didn’t follow up or keep commitments, Ivan came through and DID what he said he was going to do. At every step of the process he kept me (the client) informed, prepared and managed my expectations well. As a busy professional, you cant always find the time – or the right time- to handle every detail and it’s necessary to be surrounded by consummate professionals whose expertise you can rely on because the smallest missed detail – or lack of mitigation of a missed detail- can trounce your schedule; Ivan is that consummate professional and I am pleased to submit this recommendation

Dimitry Toukhcher

We had a very tight time frame to remove conditions with our purchase offer. If we had missed the deadline to secure financing, we would have been cut out of the deal. Igor played the critical role in finding a lender, preparing all documents and securing the mortgage contract. Igor was available for phone calls and responded promptly to emails. Not only the rate he found was good, he made it his priority to ensure that the contract terms are the best for the future of our purchase. I don’t think we would be able to seize the great deal opportunity without Igor’s help.

Nick Khorin

Ivan was amazing to work with. He is up-to-date and informed (subscribe to his newsletter!) – a true thought leader. He worked hard to get me the best rate for my mortgage and took the time to explain everything at each step of the process. As a client, he made me feel like I had 100% of his attention (even though I’m sure he was very busy with other clients as well), he was responsive to emails and phone calls and never made me feel rushed when I asked him questions (trust me, there was many of them!) – I felt genuinely valued. I was a first time home buyer (who was unfamiliar with real estate transactions) and wasn’t working with a realtor – while still trying to negotiate an offer and arrange financing all by myself – Ivan showed patience, calm and offered awesome advice whenever I reached out to him confused, panicked or with questions and even went above and beyond to steer me in the right direction when I was getting off track. Without a doubt I will be using Ivan again and I highly recommend that you do as well.

Kaeda Cameron
I have been using Ivan’s mortgage broker services for a number of years. I am myself a professional accountant, and always recommend Ivan to my clients whenever they have a financing question or looking to obtain financing. Ivan’s great quality is his determination to get the best deal for the client and he provides excellent customer service. I trust him and his team to take care of anyone that I send his way. Thanks for all your hard work!
George Kovalyov

Our experience with Ivan’s mortgage broker service was more than great. He was able to suggest different alternatives for us. He is kind, knowledgeable and very helpful, has time and patience to explain again and again until you get it. Also was very impressed that Ivan is not pushing you at all to get mortgage with him. Really fantastic.

I would highly recommend Ivan if you want the best interest rate and a hassle free experience. He is very responsive, did not have to follow-up with him, he is professional and has the best refinancing experience ever.

Ivan is extremely helpful, courteous, and available. His availability and his willingness to help made a nerve-wracking process much less stressful than it could have been. Also, everything was always as he said it would be – there were no surprises in terms of the costs/fees or the loan documents. Overall, this was a very pleasant experience! Thanks, Ivan!

Rina Abramova
Professional clear and expedient are just a few ways to describe Ivan and his services. I’ve used him when I purchased my first home. For a first timer, the home-buying process seemed complicated and stressful. However, Ivan addressed all my questions, discussed my options, and jumped right into action. I’ve recommended him to my family friends and coworkers since, and look forward to doing business with him in the future.
Ilia V.

We were buying a Real Estate and a friend of us recommended to contact Ivan at NMW team. We were very and very satisfied that Ivan was our mortgage broker. As it was our first experience with purchasing a real estate, we had so many questions about the mortgage, interest rate, payments, down payment and etc.. We could call him, whether it was an early morning, or late evening, and he always replied our calls giving us knowledgeable answers.
Moreover, he gave us suggestions on how to get even a better interest rate after we got the preapproval rate from a bank. Thanks to Ivan, we got the best interest rate on the market at the time; and we believed we would not get this rate with any bank mortgage brokers. We were very happy with Ivan’s service. He was kind, polite and experienced. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering getting a mortgage.

Nick Ermakovich

Igor gave me great service always available to answer any questions when I purchased my new house last month & was looking for financing was available 7 days a week, after rate shopping around found Igor was able to get me the lowest rate with best terms. His service was hassle free & no time wasted. I would use his services again on my next investment propert

Leon Bakalinsky

I did refinancing with these guys. Saved me a bunch of money of closing costs and legal fees. Great service all around. Very timely and thorought. I would highly recommend Igor Mironyuk as a mortgage broker any time.

Dmitry Vdovin

I have been dealing with National Mortgage Web for over a year now. They did every single thing in their power to get me and my family to where we needed to be in order to get a mortgage. This was not an easy process, but Ivan never gave up on helping us. We tried every single thing, and as of tomorrow, we will be home owners!!!! I would advise anyone needing help to seek out the help of NMW, and especially Ivan. Where many brokers would’ve given up, he didn’t. He would look for ways around things to make every incoming penny count. I would also like to mention that I live in Alberta, so even though these brokers are not where I am, they are still very helpful and will do whatever they can to get you into a home!!!!

Whitney Bell
Ivan has been an excellent source for credit management and mortgage advice. He was helpful in explaining the process from beginning to end, and has given me the knowledge I needed to purchase my first home with confidence. The approval process was surprisingly easy. I will definitely use Ivan’s services when the time comes to refinance my home loan.

Rob R

Our experience with NMW was excellent, fast professional and precisest service , very knowledgeable staff. Will use the again for sure, Thanks

Kobe Lutsker

Our experience with Igor Mironyuk was nothing less than fantastic. He made us feel like a top priority at all times. Igor was amazing and was able to get us an excellent customized product to fit our financial requirements. He kept in touch with us every step of the way and made the lending process painless. We truly appreciate how above and beyond he goes for his clients. We will definitely come back to Igor for our next property purchase and would highly recommend his service to everyone . Thank you, Igor, for all your help!

Elena and Ali