Debt Consolidation

Are your credit cards, loans, car payments affecting your monthly cash flow?

Looking to consolidate all the debt into one low monthly payment?

Getting an equity mortgage might be the solution you are looking for!

We can help you pay off higher interest credit, loans, auto financing, and more by utilizing the equity in your home. Even if you are already in collection,arrears, consumer proposal, or even bankruptcy, don’t panic, call National Equity Lending team and find out how we can help.

We will help you payoff your open credit and replace it with one mortgage and one single payment. The best part is your interest rate will decrease (typically credit cards charge between 19% – 22%) and so will your payments. Your credit score will improve over time and you may re-qualify for a conventional mortgage once your credit score is restored.

If you own a property in British Columbia or Alberta we will help you with a home equity loan and debt consolidation.

Are you ready take to control of your finances and stop paying those high interest rates?

Contact our team of Lending Experts 1-855-881-1010.