Investment Property

Grow your real estate investment portfolio with us, we make your investment financing easy, REAL Easy!

Did you know you could:

  • Purchase an investment property with only 25% down payment
  • You can get up to 75% financing of the appraised value (25% down-payment)
  • No Restrictions on amount of properties you can own
  • Need to increase your cash flow? We can setup an interest only mortgage.

Our lending experts will help you get all the details you need to choose the right mortgage for your investment.

Vacation Property

Whether you are thinking about buying a second home for a loved one or a vacation property to get away, we have the mortgage solutions for you.

Financing your vacation property or second home is very similar to purchasing your primary residence but much different from financing an investment property. If you have questions we could be happy to explain all the differences in financing options, just give us a call.

You may purchase the property for recreational purposes, for your child to go to school or university, or as a retirement home for your parents.