Reduce Your Payment

By reducing your mortgage payment you will have more money in your pocket for all the other things you have always wanted to do.

It is easier than ever to reduce your payment with mortgage rates at historical lows!

Refinancing may involve breaking the terms of your original mortgage agreement and the refinanced amount will have a different interest rate and mortgage conditions and privileges such as payment increase, lump sum payment, double up payment, and payment “vacation” options.

Typical refinance options allow you to borrow up to 80% of the appraised value of your property minus the balance of your mortgage(s).


Roger would like to invest in his business and is looking to refinance his condo to unlock the equity to fund the investment. Recently appraised at $500,000 with the remaining mortgage balance of $250,000. Here’s how the lenders will do calculations:

Appraised Value $500,000
Maximum Refinance is 80% = $400,000
Remaining Mortgage Balance – $250,000
Equity Available + $150,000
New Mortgage Amount  $400,000
  • Why would anyone want to pay more interest?
  • Is your mortgage competitively priced?

Let our team of Lending Experts show you the strategy how we can save you money stress and worry free!

You can Unlock Equity in your home for absolutely any reason.

  • If you feeling a little cash strapped?
    By switching to a lower rate you can reduce your monthly expenses.
  • Want to renovate your home and need some cash?
    By unlocking your equity you can invest into your home.
  • Buying a Second or Vacation Home?
    Equity will help to realize your dreams.
  • Sending kids to College, University, Private School?
    Refinance your home and get the funds you need today.
  • Is it time for a new vehicle?
    Why pay huge interest to the dealerships if you could just unlock the equity.
  • Haven’t been on vacation in years?
    No worries use your home equity and get the vacation you deserve.

Whatever your motivation for refinancing is our Lending Experts provide you with a long term goal, financial strategy, smooth and easy process.