Home Purchase

Leave the details to us and enjoy shopping for your next home.

Whether you are first time home buyer or looking to finance your next home, our approach will make your home buying experience simple and stress-free. We provide the information your bank won’t share with you on how to finance the home right the first time. National Mortgage Web has access to 30 + lenders including your bank, our mortgage expert team can help you secure historically low rates and ensure your mortgage is just right and beneficial for you.

Here are some questions we will be happy to answer for you:

  • What is my break / penalty fee?
  • Does the lowest rates means the best mortgage?
  • What is the collateral charge mortgage?
  • What are the pre-payment privileges?
  • What happens if I payoff / discharge my mortgage before the term?
  • What is re-advanceable mortgage?
  • How do I beat my bank?

With our knowledge of the mortgage market and our daily work experience with major lending institutions we provide fast, reliable, and stress-free mortgage approvals at the best rates.

Get PRE-APPROVED NOW for your purchase:

  • Rate Hold
  • Secure the lowest rate for up to 120 days and protect yourself from rate increase. If the rates will go down during your rate hold, we will happily secure the new rate for you!

  • Mortgage Limit

Know your maximum home purchase price and also consider not to over-extend your monthly obligations.

  • The Better the Credit, the Better the Rates

Eliminate any uncertainty about your credit and start pre-approval to avoid surprises.

  • Documents

Letter of employment; Pay-stubs; T4s; Tax forms. We will let you know exactly what the lenders need to approve your mortgage.

Closing Costs
Understand other costs associated with buying a home:

  • Lawyer/Notary
  • Property Transfer Tax
  • Property Taxes, Inspection
  • Appraisal
  • Strata Fees
  • Moving

Access to Lenders & Mortgage Programs
We have an access to over 30 lenders nationwide including major banks, credit unions, and trust companies that allow you to:

  • Purchase with as little as 5% down.
  • Get a cash-back mortgage
  • Use gifted down-payment
  • Get a stated income & self-employed mortgage
  • And much more! Ask us about your unique situation

Mortgage Experts at National Mortgage Web realize that each and every mortgage application is unique, that’s why we provide smooth and easy process. Best of all, we offer best mortgage rates and our services are free!