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National Equity Lending Corp. is defined by a set of clear and well organized principles of cooperation, education, ethics and accountability. Founders of National Equity Lending Corp.,
Ivan Sobko & Igor Mironyuk have over 25 years of combined experience in financial and real estate industry. As licensed mortgage brokers they have been involved in arranging mortgage financing for commercial and residential properties and raising capital for private syndicated mortgages.

National Equity Lending Corp. is also a real estate investor, mortgage lender, and mortgage administrator for syndicate mortgages for private investors.


Ivan Sobko MBI, DULE | Equity Lending Expert

Ivan specializes in private mortgage financing. Having more than 10 years of real estate and mortgage brokering experience Ivan is able to find solutions for clients and other mortgage brokers alike for tough financing situations including: bruised credit, low or no income, foreclosure, divorce proceedings, CRA or other government taxes unpaid, non-resident, new to Canada, commercial property, land financing, debt consolidation and more.

He holds the Diploma in Urban Land Economics (DULE) from UBC and is a member of MBABC.

Email: ivan@nationallending.ca | Tel: 604-800-1660 ext 101


Igor Mironyuk - Lending ExpertIgor Mironyuk | Equity  Lending Expert

Igor delivers out-of-the box thinking to his clients with 15 years of experience in Leasing & Financing business. With a successful track record in the financial sector, Igor has established long term relationships with clients and industry professionals alike across BC. Over the years he has developed first-class customer service and expertise in leasing, private lending, equity lending, self-employed buyers, first time buyers, commercial leases and challenged credit finance. His dedication, loyalty and enthusiastic personality makes him a true expert in the finance and the mortgage industry.

Igor is currently writing a book to share his successes and dedication in the financial sector. His positive thinking led to colossal level of success which inspired him to share his secrets with the world.

Igor is proficient in Russian, Ukrainian and Hebrew (basic)

Email: igor@nationallending.ca | Tel: 604-800-1660 ext 104


Rima Zino | Lending Expert

Rima is a mortgage broker who works with you, whether you are purchasing, renovating, looking to be debt free, or investing. With over 20 years of commercial negotiation and sourcing experience, Rima has the proven track record and determination to tailor a financial solution even for the most complicated scenarios.

Rima is a proficient triliniguist mastering English, Russian, and Hebrew

Email: rz@rimazino.com | Tel: 604-800-1660 ext 142