Real Estate Tax Consulting

Tax Tips for Real Estate Investors

Whether you are a real estate investor or just homeowner who has a home office/work space in their residence, tax planning is something that you should review every year to be up to date.

National Mortgage Web has decided to partner with local accounting professionals who can help you with your tax planning.

Give our accounting professionals a call and find out how you can claim and deduct the following:

  • Rental expenses
  • Capital Gain or Loss on selling your properties
  • Related business expenses

Looking for more deductions and tax planning, some of these options might be available to you:

  • Car expenses (although there are some stipulations around this, ask our accounting experts for more details)
  • Creating a tax deductible mortgage with a HELOC also know as a  Smith Manoeuvre (ask us how) I am not a fan and don’t believe in it
  • Additional benefits of owning the rental property personally via a corporation (holding company)
  • Find out what is the difference between tax-residency and non-tax residency for rental income or selling your property ?


Have questions or want to get started? Call our partner accounting experts at 1-855-881-1010 ext 106

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