Mortgage Case Study – High Ratio Self-Employed (Verified Income)

self-employment-taxScenario: Purchasing a townhome with 5% down-payment

Mortgage Required: $500,000 1st Mortgage

Obstacles: The borrower has been self-employed for 4 years and incorporated 2 years ago. Client is paying himself dividends from his company.



What we did:

  • Approved the client based on dividend income declared on his NOAs
  • With verified income we were able to approved the mortgage with 5% down
  • Client got the best rate available

Key Points:

  • We can use self-employed income from
    • business (sole proprietor),
    • salary from company,
    • or corporate dividends
  • We can use down-payment coming from the business account
  • We can provide financing with as little as 5% down on verified income deals
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