Lender Bid Mortgage System

Get Lenders Competing For Your Mortgage!

We’ve created an online mortgage service that asks lenders to “bid” for your mortgage loan!

The bid process is completely sealed – meaning the lenders do not see the competing offers and therefore must present their lowest rate immediately with no opportunity to negotiate.

Now you don’t have to spend countless hours making phone calls, setting appointment, and browsing websites to find the best rate.

Our Lender Bid Mortgage System will do all the work for you. We will present the top 3 offers for you to choose from. You can decide which is the best option to suit your needs.

The process is simple:

  1. Fill in the request form
  2. Give us 1 business day to get all the quotes back from the lenders
  3. Receive top 3 offers in your email with all the mortgage details the next business day
  4. Let us know which option you prefer and we will get you approved the next day!

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